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Dear Friend:

I would like to personally welcome you to the official homepage of the Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries, Inc.

Let me assure you that your presence here is by no means an accident.  Rather, your arrival is in concert with God’s mandated plan for your life.  I pray that the time invested here exploring our pages will prove to be a valuable and enriching experience.

This ministry was conceived in response to a clear and definite call of God to provide a place of healing, deliverance, and transformation.  And we offer nothing less.

It is a ministry of caring for you, the individual.  And by that, we mean the real you – not simply the sum total of your gifts and talents; nor yet of your righteous performances or good deeds.  You will not find need of masks and fascades here; nor do we employ manipulative techniques and schemes to support ulterior motives.  Rather, we offer in simplicity and sincerity the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fellowship of believers that you might be strengthened, encouraged, and pushed towards your God-ordained purpose.

Our doors are open unto you, dear friend, and it is our prayer that you will truly find this to be “a place to belong”.

We’re praying for you!!!

Elder William A. Blagmon, Sr. (MA)

Senior Pastor, Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries, Inc.


Boasting itself neither to be the ministry nor the ultimate ministry, Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries (GFDM) is an umbrella organization that supports and develops the individual ministries of which it is comprised. Thus, GFDM is simply a headquarters or centralized locus from which ministries are birthed, promoted, and developed.

“As I was driving to Sunday School from the Stroehmann Bakery on I-76, the voice of the Lord just put Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries in my spirit. Everything else has just been a fulfillment of that vision.” said Minister William Blagmon.


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Sun @ 10:30 am


About the pastor

Elder William A. Blagmon, Sr. is the founding pastor of Greater Faith Deliverance Ministries, Inc. – an entity dedicated to prayer, evangelism, and discipleship within a modern-day context without compromising the integrity of the first century message as taught by the apostles.